Bonds Vs. Levies


School Bonds — Bonds are for building!

A bond is a means of financing major school construction projects in Washington State, much like a home mortgage. Citizens authorize district officials to offer bonds to investors and pledge repayment through property taxes collected over a specified number of years. Bond monies, by law, can only be used for school building construction, remodeling, or specified capital improvement projects; they cannot be used for teacher salaries or other operating expenses. Bonds represent long-term financing over 20 years. Currently South Kitsap does not have any bond debt. Approval of bonds requires a super-majority of yes votes (60%).

School Levies — Levies are for learning!

There are several types of voter approved levies for school districts: South Kitsap is running an Educational Programs and Operations Replacement Levy.  Approval of levies requires a simple majority (50% + one) of yes votes.

Educational Programs and Operations Replacement Levy: The Replacement Levy funds the difference between state and federal funding and what is needed for the day-to-day operation of schools. South Kitsap School District requests voter support to renew the School Support Levy every four years. The Replacement Levy pays for approximately 150 staff positions including teachers and interventionists/school counselors, school office personnel and security staff/safety employees, computer technicians to support classroom learning, school custodians, playground aids, nurses, coaches and facility maintenance workers.

For more information visit the School District’s Website.

*Important: Taxpayers vote for the AMOUNT of a bond or levy, NOT the tax rate. The tax rate is always determined by total assessed property values. As a community grows adding more houses and businesses, the tax rate DECLINES but the amount (approved by voters) that the school district receives does NOT change.